Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our New Hobby

Well STTP, kami ada hobby baru, i.e having a pet cats. Pics below speaks louder than words so lets scroll it down :))

This is Alvo Gandalf a.k.a Smokey. Its a He. He was born on 19th July 2010 n now he is 3 months old. We bought him from Ka Lina at Sg Buloh.

Smokey was an active kitten when we 1st met him n he IS still active now but abit heavy already tho. We love him soooo much.

29th Sept 2010 was the day we brought him to his new home n due to his activeness, he can mingle around with d family. Everyone was amused by his attitude. It was a warm welcome to Alvo.

Smokey is toilet trained. On the 1st day, we put him in the cage with all his foods n litter bowl inside. Then we opened the door n he could find his foods n litter bowl by himself. So everytime he wants to 'pupu' he will get inside his cage.

In terms of grooming, Smokey was afraid of hairdryer (as the owner told us). 1st time we bath him n dryer., he was TOTALLY EXTREAMLY afraid wif the hairdryer. So i put him inside the carrier n let him familiar with the sound. He do hate it at 1st but soon or later he adapt to it. NOW he didnt afraid of the hairdryer anymore yet i still place him inside coz he cant stay still. He also didnt like to be brush nor clean his eyes n ears but as we always done it, he is now changed n well.... tho its not a big change, yet he is changing being a good cat :)

Every nights, he sleeps with us in the bedroom. Sometimes on the pillow above my head n usually under the bed but around 4am, he will wakes me up (but he is actually wanna sleeps on me). He was being spoiled by us :)

I know, its not enough to talk about Smokey yet need to stop it here.

Few weeks after that, here come Chacha.

Fullname: Red Dreamer
Born: 28th July 2010

Will get back soon :)

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