Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pening da...

Wat a day.. its not easy to create this blog huh.. all my brain are mixed up n celaru.. I nearly cannot open my own blog.. no email lah, apa lah.. but at last dpt jua buka...

Noting special today, only dat The Crown Prince ada melawat Kg Ayer tdi, kn melihat keadaan rumah-rumah mangsa yang terkana angin ribut on last Friday. unfortunately, kami balik sudah so tak kejumpahan lah. sibuk saja tdi pagi, ingatkn berangkat pagi tdi.

Llater tonite, going to watch Narnia with my hubby. Dah booked tiket after dis wanna to siap sedia lah..

Dats all for now... very tired.. need a little rest dulu.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to ME....

This is my 1st blog ever. All of the sudden I want to have my own blog. Can see that most people nowadays got their own blog. So here I am, typing words by words to make sentences WHICH i THINK will become an ESSAY. hehe..

Anyway, I used to like writing since I was in primary school but as time goes by, that 'LIKEness' became vanished, maybe due to BUSYness or maybe because of LAZYness.. both are accepted tho',n I write in malay to be specific.

Moreover, dulunya pakai Diary den makin maju, pakai laptop...n i juz keep it to myself only. Now, I think, y not I start it again that LIKEness n I can share with whoever read my blog (if ada jua...)

As for introduction, as u can see,
my name is zeha,
my family call me kaka, eha, keha,
my frenz call me zeh, zeha, jiha (only cBil yg panggil aku diz nick name)
my sis's frenz call me cKaka. and dats how i got d idea to put that name here.. hehe wonderful isnt it.
my collegues call me ckg zeha, zeha
n my students call me teacher zeha...sooo sweet..

I am a teacher at Sekolah Rendah Sungai Kebun. We got a commmercial name for dat. Its River Garden Primary School. hehe. I will post some pics next time so that u can see the environment teaching at Kg Ayer. Soo challenging!

I am Married already with my used-to-be-boyfriend AKA x-fiancee AKA so-called-ghostrider (tibia name) AKA Darling.

I think thats enuff for d introduction ah...see todl ya. it will become an essay ni. hehe.

ok then, will type some more nex time..